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Rustic Tile of Modern Art for Interior and Exterior

Rustic Tile of Modern Art for Interior and Exterior
Price: US $ 8.8-9.7/Square Meter
Min Order: 3000/Square Meter
Pay Type: T/T
Advanced inkjet printing technology
The use of foreign advanced inkjet printing technology, high-precision restoration of rock fine texture, vivid, vivid three-dimensional, not only to bring the ultra-real visual experience, but also to stimulate the designer's natural space art inspiration.
Innovative double engraving process
Simulation of natural rock real touch, ingenuity carved brick surface of the three-dimensional outline, combined with dry grain micro-carving process, to show the nature of the rock in the native form and covered with dust and gravel on the surface to double sculpture show a stronger level.
Random cut Variety specifications
With 600x600,900x900,600x1200 variety of sizes,  heart cutting can be upgraded Variety specifications, brick surface atmosphere, to support more paving applications and post-processing.

- AAA Grade, best chocie for floor and wall using.
- Used in bathroom, bedroom, living room, hotel lobby, kitchen, aisle,etc. 
- OEM could be available. 
- Different colors, different designs are avaliable. 
- Sample: sameples are free for customers.
- Competitive price with good quality.

GB/T4100-2006, ATT,G
Water absorption (E)AVG E≤0.5%
INV E≤0.6%
AVG E≤0.5%
INV E≤0.6%
AVG E≤0.09%
INV E≤0.07~0.10%
Breakage pressure (N)Thickness≥7.5mm≥1300N
Modulus of breakage (Mpa)AVG≥35Mpa
Thickness (%)+_10%+_5%+_10%+_5%+_5%
LaryeredNot allowedNot allowedNot allowed
Prod Model: HJ6E305W
Material: Porcelain Tile
Size: 300 x 600mm
Shape: Square
Function: Non-Slip
Surface Treatment: Semi Matte
Color: Multicolor
Usage: Square
Customized: Customized
Certification: ISO
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